It wouldn't be safe to go there by yourself.

The mother's mother is a nurse.


I can't stand him any more.

I'm having a wonderful time here in Vancouver.

All I want to do is go fishing.

Everybody had a good time.

Why were you picking up guys?

You can't be busy all the time.

No, Laurie isn't fat.

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I'm not a connoisseur.

He asked a number of friends for advice.

This is a genius.


Few people live to be a hundred.

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The girl was struck with grief.

OK, I guess I'm ready.

He didn't divulge the information, not even under pain of torture.

Roderick is a little nuts.

You guys can't scare me.

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Who cared for the dog when you were away?


Torres booted the ball to his teammate.

It is not always easy to separate right from wrong.

That's not so.


Go be with them.

Pilar didn't come with us.

Sanjeev says he's not concerned.

There is no denying that English is the most widely spoken language in the world.

Pat made a beeline for home.


I'm unwilling to risk that.

I wish I'd get back to my childhood again.

It's the same here.

He's a boy.

There's plenty of food.


I knew Stevan was coming.

Last year I was a TA for calculus.

Let's stay here forever.

I can't believe you don't want to at least look out the window.

I wanted to introduce you to Tahsin.

How do you feel about this, Elsa?

I told you not to go by yourself.

Cancer took him.

In her right hand was gripped a suspicious looking rod that practically radiated "I'm a magical girl item".

He is an old hand at that work.

You shouldn't have let the cat out of the bag about being pregnant so soon. I wanted to surprise everyone.


Their company guarantee is for thirty days.


I feel lost without you.

The old man's narrative was punctuated by coughs.

It's very strange and weird.


She has a large staff working for her.

It was a terrible accident.

If you make new friends, don't forget the old ones.

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One thing I've always wanted to do is run my own restaurant.

The residents made complaints about the noise.

I own one German car.

I purchased one.

None of us plan to go swimming today.

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You gave Miek the money he asked for, didn't you?

Let's go, Sheila.

What put it in your head to come here now?

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What time does the train arrive at Yokohama?


She is an adult, so you should treat her accordingly.

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I heard my name called from behind me.

We really thank you for your patronage.

What are you doing this evening?

Nobody talked about my country.

Ravindran is too drunk.

I forgot to call you.

Marian needs to say something.

Huey held a knife to Olof's throat.

I just wanted to make a change.


Who knows what could happen?

There are people drowning in debt.

She can't control herself.

The snake has a split or forked tongue.

Shall we wait for you here?

It was a group effort.

Steve's politically engaged but Rex couldn't care less about politics.


The true value of a man lies not so much in what he has as in what he is.

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We're not going, are we?

Go on, sit down.

I like them better.

I wonder if I should warn her.

Do you want to see my new car?


Who usually sits on the dunce's seat?

It's Those's turn to deal the cards.

This is so strange for me.

I like my meat well done.

No matter what you say, I hate you!

I wanted to learn Esperanto, because it interested me very much.

It's important for parents to be on the same page when it comes to disciplining their children.

Shane and I are Canadians.

Of course he's innocent.

Tran often doesn't keep his promises.

Please make sure your seat belt is fastened.

Rice is good with miso soup.

OK, let's see if I've got this straight.

I have reason to think that we'll never see Billie again.

Japan imports various raw materials from abroad.


Grant refused to give them a firm promise.


I wanted to be Surya.


Andy won a free car.

Don't look at me!

Is there a good time to chat?


I'm leaving for Chicago next Saturday morning.

I saw a cat running after a dog.

Welcome, everybody.

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He said to me, 'Let's eat out tonight.'

Do you have two computers?

Rice grows in warm climates.

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It's pretty clear you have a problem.


The moon was dim.


We had no end of fun.

My SO works at a language school and loves it very much.

I only had a piece of toast and a cup of coffee this morning.


Raghu colored the picture.

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This is the boy who played with the toy that scared the frog that splashed the dog that chased the cat that ate the rat that killed the mouse that lived in the house that Jack built.

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These shoes belong to me.


The kids, who were exhausted, fell asleep right away

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Ginny asked how he could help.

We can't leave Sandra behind.

Why don't you and Lin get something to eat?


I'll have Shari mow your lawn for you.

Danielle made a suggestion.

We're going to freeze to death.

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It's pretty clear that we have a problem.

Larry is a bit strapped for money.

Manuel told them not to do that.


The gate admits to the garden.


Shankar is an animal.


Jinny became more and more handsome as he grew older.

Some say hate is from fear.

I don't care if you're busy. Please help me now.


Letter writing is becoming a lost art.

He said with a perplexed expression, "I've heard nothing, so I can't say anything."

I don't know why they picked me.


Did you see my daughter?

He was confounded at the sight of the teacher.

You don't need luck.

I can't imagine anybody would be surprised if Sigurd didn't show up at the party.

The middle finger is the longest.

We can help him.

I still have the picture that I took of you 10 years ago.

Suzan doesn't want to talk about his private life.

Jane is going to be really proud.

Hans, this is Seth. Where are you?

Jim is taller than any of his friends.

The nun's duty is to water the flowers and the cauliflowers.

Pandas feed on bamboo grass.


I'm glad you were here.

Stuart was standing beside Gill.

But that's incredible!

Will you leave this with me for a while?

Jay isn't back from the mountains yet.

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Who killed him?


The house looked very dismal.

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I don't trust him; be careful what you say when he's around.