Tahsin sprained his wrist.

You could talk to us.


The sentence is useful.

One cannot get through if there is no door; there is no light if there is no window.

Speaking about foreign languages, do you speak French?


Sandra is a real hard worker.

He earns at least $1,000 dollars a week.

I wouldn't have ever expected that to happen.

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Everything you knew about DNA is not going to help you through this course.

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I didn't know you didn't like Chinese food.

I want to let Rick know we'll be late.

I plan to live in the city.

He's leaning on a cane.

I intended to have become a teacher.

There are grants available.

Mike really likes animals.


Anderson isn't much of an athlete.


Not a few houses were destroyed by the typhoon.

She's not perfect.

What does the girl want to know?

Why don't you just calm down?

Pipe fitters design and assemble pipe systems.


I was glad I was there.

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I must see a doctor at once.

However, your wedding, it is yours and made from your own choices.

John crouched down by the gate.

I said, "that's enough!"

If you are a good girl, you shall have candy.

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"How did you like your breakfast, my liege?" "Oh, it had a wonderful dinner-like quality. I'm glad to have such a dedicated cook as you are." "I am ever happy to serve you my best, my King."


I don't want to sign that.

We'll have loads of fun.

I met my boyfriend there.

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He would rather go by train than by plane.

They have tea at five.

Alan was a good boxer.

I think I believe Knapper.

Previously people believed the earth was flat.

Every time we go hiking, he falls behind.

Wake up, Romanian, from your deadly slumber, in which barbaric tyrants kept you so long by force! Now or never is the time for you to have a new fate, which should command respect of even your cruel enemies.

Don and Torsten have three sons.

He's accustomed to climbing mountains.


They are digging a hole.

The hedge clippers and weed whacker are in the garage.

He is trying hard to give up smoking.

How can you go on so blithely, pretending nothing's wrong, when something so horrible has happened?

Money is the god of the human race.

I'd rather go home.

I'm out of shape.

Let's see how it goes this evening.

I don't understand what the teacher said.

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I think Roxane isn't right.

What sort of stupid project is this anyway?

I don't read any of the messages that Jarl sends me.

How do you know Heather is not into me?

He was so happy he did a little dance.

Why is Bart back?

That is the goal.

The labs are closed today.

He put the key on the desk as usual.

Police officers throw tear gas at protesters outside congress.

Elvis has clogged the toilet again.


Suzan should have known better than to get involved with Brandi.


Franklin made that mistake on purpose.


We don't do anything.


I wasn't worried.

I can't explain it.

Where did you get on the train?


They should thank Siping.

It may be a trap.

You'll never get them to agree.


He denied leaving the door open.

You ought to have the courage to speak out what you believe to be right.

You have nothing whatever to feel guilty about.

Only prayers keep him alive.

Stanly is wearing what looks like a military uniform.


Rich can never go home again.

She lost her money, her family, her friends.

Lois asked me to take a look at it.

Rodney became self-conscious.

Although he thought he was helping us, he was only in the way.


It's difficult to make up for lost time.

Is there a refundable deposit on the bottle?

He was persuaded to be more sensible.

It turned out that my memory was largely correct.

They say that every year the number of tourists is greatest in October.

I'll meet him there.

The bridge is supported by 10 posts.

Oskar was badly wounded.

We should be able to be there by 2:30.

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It has never happened.

That's a big question.

Our train already left.

Just do what you have to do.

I've finished reading that book.

We've been waiting for this.

Who wants to go to Boston anyway?

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Travis tripped and fell flat on his face in the snow.

Raj asked me to open the door.

Tell them that I'm here.

Gerald is now cramming for the finals.

My telephone plan does not accept reverse charge calls.


I watched a great movie yesterday.

I don't drink, but I'm drunk because of you.

Why don't you come to my house in the near future?

Sarah is probably still sleeping.

He leaned over to kiss me.


We haven't heard from him.


They swam with the dolphins.

These questions are timely.

Do you accept the explanation?

It is already one in the morning, and I still cannot fall asleep.

I have a green shirt.

We have to respect local customs.

Mr Johnson's was a large room.

This is good for me.

An opportunity arose for me to work in China, so I went and spent a year there.


Be sure to get this finished by the time I come back.


Can we afford it now?

How many magazines are on the desk?

Do you have your passport?

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I saw one just like it in the other room.


Try to keep a clear head.


I guess there's no turning back now.

All the children hugged their parents.

The boy showed off his new bicycle to everyone.

What do you want from life?

It wasn't very smart of you to throw that note away.

Do you think we can help him?

I didn't kill them.

Are you available next week for a follow-up interview?

Timo says that he hasn't made up his mind yet.

This child believes that the earth is flat.

I saw you with them last Monday.

Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can.

A stoush over salaries and other entitlements is likely to see thousands of government workers walk off the job.

It happened on the 1st of May.

I'll be back for you.

Have you ever been to Cape Cod?

I know you don't want to talk to me.

Can you tell me your past medical history?

Brooke could've done something.

Everybody is hoarding their cash.

When he was in the military, he conformed to the strict army rules.

Did you actually give Carsten money?

Shut the window to prevent catching a cold.

A middle-aged woman with a knapsack on her back seemed to be looking for a place to sit down.

I accidentally ripped her dural sac.

You didn't happen to get his name, did you?

They come from the same country.


I gave my seat to the old lady.


Wake Johan up.

Maybe I'll go, and maybe I won't.

He took out a mortgage from the bank in order to buy a house.

Is the bank still open?

Dorian bought a small house in Boston.

What did you see there?

Make sure to back up all your files.

Promises are made to be broken.

He begrudges you your success.

I regret that I wasted the money.

He's pussy whipped.

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You've done your best.

What do we expect to happen next?

The hotel was evacuated.


It's under the chair.