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Hi I'm Jonas. Nice to meet you. What to know about me? 2014 I came in touch with Webdevelopment - or lets say how to build HTML and CSS Websites. It was my uncle who introduced me to PHP and Databases 2015 - what a fun! Since then I'm learning a bit more every day about how to create and desing beautiful Websites and Webapplications. I love it!
What do I offer? - Have a look.
Mentor You want to learn how to design and build awesome websites? I can give you some real advice in the called Skills.
Skills Django Framework
Responsive Design
Webdevelopment Powerfull Websites and Webapplications build for the best user experience ( UX ). I love to bring ideas to the web.
Skills HTML & CSS
Django Framework
UI & UX Design With great Webdevelopment comes great responsible Webdesign! Clean, structured but impressive UI & UX Design on all devices.
Skills Adobe Comp CC
Adobe Illustrator Draw
Content Creation Blog Since 2018 I have my own content creation blog on Instagram called or also known as The Fullstack Dev. On this blog I share a bit of my life as a Developer, awesome Mockups and Designs to inspire people.
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