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  • AIIMS Emergency Sonography 13-14 MAR 2018 JPN APEX TRAUMA CENTRE,AIIMS,NEW DELHI-Registration Closed
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Ultrasound (US) has long been recognized as a powerful tool for use in the diagnosis and evaluation of many clinical entities. Over the past decade, as higher quality, less expensive scanners were developed, US has proliferated throughout various specialties. US is no longer limited to radiology but is being utilized by at least 8 different specialties. One specialty which has contributed new research regarding ultrasound’s multiple clinical applications is Emergency Medicine. The attraction of immediate bedside sonographic examinations in the evaluation of specific emergent complaints makes it an ideal tool for the emergency specialist.

he social and economic pressures to triage, diagnose and rapidly treat patients have fuelled ultrasound’s use....

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Dr. Sanjeev Bhoi

Professor & Addl. MS In Charge
Dept. of Emergency Medicine
JPN Apex Trauma Center
AIIMS, New Delhi


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