Juliet asked again.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.

Annie is going to be back here soon.

What have you done to her?


Duane is exhausted.

Everyone was doing it.

Entire cities have fallen at the hands of the enemy army.

What do you say you join me for dinner?

Dustin has already seen the best years of his life.

Let's create a grassrootes political movement by using the possibilities of the Internet.

Liz is a very decent fellow.

I didn't even know his name.

Are there any seats left for tonight?

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Lisa speaks not only English but also French.

Judy has many strengths.

People often spill their guts to bartenders.


The Electoral College's vote formalized the undemocratic installment of the forty-fifth President of the United States.

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Don can read Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Cary learned about Sid's death later that morning.

What kind of business was Ernie in?


What do you do, exactly?


He doesn't appreciate favors.

My boyfriend didn't want to go to the opera, but he finally gave in.

Are there any ATMs around here?


When I'm using headphones I can't hear anything.

This is a biblical text.

Those present were, for the most part, students.

That's not like him.

The big secret's finally out.


Did you get fired from your last job?

We will all die, some quickly, others will take their time.

The rumor, after all, turned out untrue.

She pressed her nose against the glass.

I'm really looking forward to next March, when they roll out the new Play Station 2.

In a way, life is a cruel thing. It holds major problems in store for each one of us.

We were disillusioned with the result.


I would help you if you were in trouble.


How many people work there?

My locker partner has made our locker very messy.

She is the one who took care of his wound.

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They all scoffed.

He hurried over to his car.

I'd like to know why you're here.

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This house has a two-car garage.


For he knew what was in a man.


Is there another way to do this?

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Seth is quite obstinate.


I wonder if Kelvin realizes how lonely I am.

This was a good book.

When will the circumcision party be held?

Adlai may not be feeling well.

Do you want to do that again?

Loyd will catch up with us.

I don't think Vincent has any intention of doing that.

Why did Bill tear the letter into pieces?

I'm just trying to help you out.

Outside the town a great scaffold had been erected, and all round were standing the soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of people. The King and Queen were sitting on a magnificent throne opposite the judges and the whole council.

Are you healthy?

Americans constitute 5% of the world's population but consume 24% of the world's energy.

I'd intended to have my homework finished by now.

Naoto should shut up.

Piercarlo was astounded.


I don't want to park too close to Tobias's car.

Root hoped to find Harold at home.

Trey just found out today that he is HIV positive.


She looked at a few dresses and picked the most expensive one.


Subra isn't jealous.

Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

I can follow the rules.

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Wake Skeeter up.

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Vadim is starving.


Cats are smart.

Laurie is twenty years old.

Can you change these travelers checks?


Cory finally understood it.

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

I heard him sniffle.

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He is master of his own time.

I am learning in a classical school.

She asked me out.


That's a gimmick.

Can I turn off the TV?

The cause of death is unknown.

Where's your daughter?

We'll never catch him.

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Oh, shut up!

Annard is truly a great guy.

Maybe this opinion is correct.

I've drawn a map.

I have many discs.

He ran away when he saw me.

Hopefully, we'll win.


Hirotoshi is extremely pessimistic.

Were you happy with the results?

Nou kept his illness a secret.

I don't think you need to be doing this.

I was convinced by his explanation.

I'll follow you, come hell or high water.

That's how we do it in French.


Kelly had no money left.


You didn't tell anyone else, did you?

Those are the properties that she owns.

Back into the hole where I was born.

Have you told him what to do?

The storm prevented me from leaving.

What is it you hope to buy?

Would you like to taste this yummy cake?

Carl accidentally deleted all the files on one of his external hard disks.

Conceited people take it for granted that they are superior to others.

I haven't seen Micah for days.

This picture is of my uncle.

She did not say anything.

Have you ever carded wool?

Jarl, is that you?

The nub of the dispute was unknown but its results were easy to predict.


Toby is rather optimistic.

Tao didn't provide any explanation.

During the 20th century, Manchukuo was a puppet state.

She spoke out strongly against cruelty to animals.

I think you've made a big mistake.

Most people form opinions the same way they get colds - they're infected.

Kolkka was paid to lose.


Wendi never wears red.

I'm bursting with curiosity.

I'll try not to disappoint you next time.


Rumors of defeat were circulating.

He is innocent of the crime.

I can't eat raw eggs. They have to be cooked.

I didn't know Mah was fat.

How can you be such an idiot?

We have some new products we'd like to show you.

I think I should offer to help Monty.

I promise I'll never leave you.

We tried to persuade Jim to join us.

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The old man wanders from town to town peddling his wares.

They looked and tasted like shrimps, but I can assure you those were not real shrimps.

Son knew what Johnnie was trying to do.


Pascal will forgive you.

I know that Thierry isn't dead.

He was shot and seriously wounded.

Can you help me with my work?

Put a pan of water on the stove.

Mother and I are different in every way.

Leonard is a professional photographer.

"Your army is impotent against mine!!" he laughed.

It's not easy to part with one's favorite possessions.


Miracles do happen every day.

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Raghu mumbled something under his breath.


I wonder how Ranjit is holding up.

George asked Kerry how to say "thank you" in French.

We can get you help.

I just had my hair done.

She's a filthy liar.


The mouse was lured into the trap by a big piece of cheese.

You're making me uneasy.

My name is Legion; for we are many.

You should probably buy a few pairs of socks.

Why fight it?

You're just like a little puppy.

I really like being alone.

The emerald ash borer has killed more than a hundred million ash trees across North America.

I have a toothache.