Pre-Employment Testing for WordPress Developers

Find talent first, then interview for culture

Technical Candidate Assessments

Choose from two different test types — front-end or back-end — or test both, to find the best developer for your needs. Each test is 60 minutes long, with questions and challenges specific to the developers you need.

Front-End — Skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the front-end WordPress developer is the builder of themes and landing pages, the trusty bridge between design and code.

Back-End — Using OOP, SQL queries, Hooks, and Filters to build functionality, this is your solid WordPress developer, the creator of new plugins and integrations, the custom solutioneer.

How We Assess Skills

To fully survey the breadth of a developer’s WordPress skills, our engineers have designed a battery of test questions and problems to solve.

Our live coding challenges assess a candidate’s ability to fix syntax errors, resolve bugs, write functions, and more.

Other question formats included in the test are multiple choice, true/false, short answer, multiple answer, and sorted choice.

 Coming soon — take-home API tests.

Quickly Test Applicants

Choose a skillset — Enter the name of your job posting and choose a developer test type.

Invite your candidates — Export a CSV from Indeed, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, etc. and upload your candidates. Once invited, they can start taking the test.

View the results — You will see detailed results across the relevant skills as your candidates finish their tests. Then, you can choose the top candidates to call for an interview.

Give Us a Try For Free!

We have created some sample tests to get a better understanding of the VerifyWP assessment platform.

Each sample includes a representative set of questions and challenges from real tests. Try it out and experience it from the developer’s view.

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Find the Developer You Want the First Time

The best candidates to interview are the ones you already know are qualified. VerifyWP simplifies your hiring process by assessing your candidates' skills so you only interview the best.