You are absolutely right.

She's not admitting her mistake.

They like nobody and nobody likes them.


I don't think that counts.

Pierce is very ambitious.

We're patient.


Sam slept for only three hours.

Australia is no different.

Penny certainly wasn't too happy last night.

Meehan sifted the warm sand through his fingers.

Why don't you come by sometime after ten?

How much distance have we covered?

I'm not at all well.

Helge is a pothead.

Clare grows strawberries in his garden.

She failed and felt humiliated.

Ramesh turned off his bedside lamp.

He always leaves home at seven.

Sidney is almost back to sleep.


Do you know who she is?

We stayed in Boston three nights.

I think we've made some real progress.


We're better.


You are in favor of the plan, aren't you?

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Do you have any regrets?


That might be King's ex-husband.

It couldn't just be a coincidence.

He has two sons that don't go to school yet.

What does he do for the city?

I just washed the dishes and now I have to take out the trash.

Sundaresan wondered who Penny was.

Everything Greg did, Felix criticised.


We can't leave Lloyd there.

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What we've accomplished is amazing.

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I was there a year ago.


Anne wasn't sure.

I haven't yet read the report.

Teach judo to me.


Your name wouldn't be Brian, by any chance, would it?


I pulled a muscle.

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We did all right.

Do we have another one like this?

He hid himself behind the door.


I'd like Hotta to read what's written on that paper aloud.

We just made too many mistakes.

Finding Wilson isn't going to be easy.

Louis took Roland into the house.

I don't think you should eat that.

Who are those men?

Fruits and vegetables are essential to a balanced diet.

Murat will keep you company.

I'm at a loss about what to do with the mess.

The Rosetta Stone was found in 1799.

Michael will never consent to that.


I think that this material is of benefit to everyone.

Add the sugar and eggs, and beat well.

He came home soon.

I don't know them at all.

He worked too hard, and became sick.

He deserves the prize.

This looks like a great place.

The police found a cartridge case next to the body.

Can you tell me about them?

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I'm not hungry.

Do you have a pen I could use?

Mott tried his best not to get wet.

It is less cold today than it was yesterday.

We can start over again.

Gerda, dear little Gerda, where have you been all this time, and where have I been?

Mac doesn't know who to believe: John or Geoff.

We have to just keep doing what we're doing.

I was travelling.

His exhibition at the city museum didn't appeal to me at all.

He was thinking strange thoughts.

Raanan was probably right.

I want to become better at baseball.

She was weeping with pain.

This is how it stands.

Medicine should be out of the way of children.

I didn't mean to interrupt.


What do you think is down there?

I love you so much, Mom!

There are a lot of fish in the lake.

Everyone smiled but Kimberly.

I'll make an exception in your case.

I know what I'm dealing with.

You're right, there's a lot to do. Let's get started then!

The hostess complained that I visit her so rarely these days.

It's been a long time since I've seen you.

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I want an answer now.

Nobody had the courage to say it to Liber.

I don't want that kind of life for our children.

I'm sorry I've lost my watch.

You may as well follow his advice.

I feel like dancing in the fields.

You look doubtful.


He spoke with a typical Texan drawl.


Everyone did a fabulous job.

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We're still discussing that.


Where do you intend to spend your vacation?

Can Edinburgh show us the way towards healthier cities?

Gunter went to answer the door.

The children listen to a record.

Are you taking your meds?

We watched the sun sinking below the horizon.

I wonder where Narendra is right now.

I thought I wanted money, but money didn't make me happy.

This TV show is about penguins.

If you go out wearing that little you will catch a cold.

Caroline told Wes why he was late for her party.

Boyd told everyone that he and Gail had split up.

I won't let Albert go there.

The baby fell asleep in the cradle.

At last both countries agreed on putting an end to the war.

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Kieran put new pedals on the bicycle that he rides to school.


The password was easily noticeable.

All men are like that.

Don't be late!

Do you want her there?

Tony is a very tall boy.

How much does that car cost?

I think Kim doesn't know how to swim.

Guess what he told me.

I don't consider Milton as good as Dante.

We finished the homework in no time at all.

Cut the potatoes.

Tammy is not a happy man.

I never speak French.

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Dominick is the best father I know.

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Everybody rushed towards Cindy.

What's your favorite breed of dog?

They made a fool of him in the presence of ladies.

It is evident that he has made a mistake.

I told the story that my mom used to tell me to my daughter.

You smiled and, just like that, I was happy.

I'm tired and want to lie down to sleep.


Merril is coming next Monday.

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She has been waiting for him thirty minutes.

Mari has been in Hungary.

There is a marked difference between them.

He is in great trouble.

I'm on a top secret mission.

We are faced with the alternatives of resistance or slavery.

If you are going to build something in the air it is always better to build castles than houses of cards.


Bradford, I want you to listen to this.

Thor Heyerdahl gained world fame with his bold ideas and spectacular expeditions.

Eli had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Clayton is quite methodical.

I'm being looked after.

She's a real expert.

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How long have you worked here?

He is living with his friend for the time being.

You're precise.


I owe what I am today to you.


Masanobu's mother forced him to go outside even though he didn't want to.

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Kees likes peppermint chocolate.


Terry has a deep voice.

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You must take your coat in case it should become cold.

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Merril couldn't go with us.

I was glad to hear his report.

Could you tell me what Clayton is planning to do?