June left a widow and three children.

He told me to meet him at his house.

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You're finished in Boston.


I was surprised by his perseverance.

I drank too much coffee today.

Bud did his best, but he failed anyway.


Jayesh had absolutely nothing to do with it.

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In Japan there are a lot of translations from English to Japanese (E-J) and from Japanese to English (E-J), there isn't much real demand for J-S and S-J.

Linda was a boy scout.

Socorrito tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep.

It's so hard.

Taurus's attempt at humour went over like a lead balloon.

Do you really want a job in the same office as Jan?

Lynnette is a gymnast.

There was blood all over the floor.

Is there a hospital nearby?

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He looked at me out of the corner of his eye.


Tony is a very good tennis player.


She remained behind because she was walking very slowly.

Do you drink diet soda?

I wonder if there is any meaning to putting proverbs into English.

Come with me, will you?

Do you want help?

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I am no match for her in cooking.

We're all hungry.

Nanda is pig-headed.

He went out just now.

Gail and Jamie are both therapists.

You're supposed to say yes.

It makes me sad that you're going to leave this city.

Because, in the same way as painting, practice is essential for novels.

I don't want him to worry.

I've never played golf, but I will try.

You're better than they are.

You were profiling, and I beat the shit outta you!

As was to be expected, he took the first place.


The dog ran here and there.

I forgot about them.

We seem to keep grappling with the same old problem.


That's not something I want to do.


I had never been kissed like that before.

I need about twenty minutes to organize my morning.

Jeremy kept talking about Ahmet.

I never thought it would wind up like this.

I'm having problems with e-mail right now.


Is that specific enough for you?

She was born in Ohio.

It's a huge task.

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Why did Dale not tell me about that?

You are not permitted to touch the art.

Many consumer reviews of books on Amazon are fake.

You can't come with us.

Tad heard Amanda coughing.

No one in his class is faster than he is.

He speaks English as if he were an American.

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Page is determined and hard-working.

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Did you tell Douglas when to come?

No one who works forty hours a week should live in poverty.

George asked Patricio if she wanted something to drink.

He's almost always in the hospital.

On hearing this, he turned pale.

I'll give you an hour.

They did not like the way he threatened his opponents.

Knuckling under could be described as cooperation, or selling out, depending on the point of view.

Incompetent people are the ones who talk the most.

Ricky doesn't remember turning off the light.

Claudia got up to help Shahid.

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You sure have a lot of money.

Raymond broke a window in the classroom.

I have a toothache and I want to go to the dentist.

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He made a joke about it.

I wish Micky would hurry.

Is it mere coincidence that "banality", when anagrammed, reads "Ban Italy"?


We have to be fair here.

It'll be useless to stand against them.

The man is using the landline to call.

The wall from which Humpty Dumpty fell is not the Great Wall of China.

Is it more expensive to call in the morning?


Humans need the lie.


Jeanne will be arriving soon.

I forgot the name of your brother; what's his name?

He refused to admit it.

I'm not interested in hearing any more of your theories.

Blayne was surprised and embarrassed.

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Kevyn is going home.

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It doesn't look like anything.


Let's make Tatoeba great again!

I heard that the distance between Tokyo and Osaka is about 10 km.

What have you taken?

"Dear, where have you been?" - "I've been running." - "But your T-shirt is dry and has no smell at all."

I got up an hour earlier than usual.


Are the toes yours?

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Jayesh suddenly got very scared.


I saw your picture in the paper.

Sandy speaks Japanese better than Japanese do.

Lightning hit that tower.

Rogue said he'd do his homework before dinner.

I trained with the paratroopers.

I thought George wouldn't enjoy the movie.

I regret having been lazy in my school days.

I watched it happen.

Nearly all the doorknobs in this apartment were broken.

We're in a rush.

I liked climbing trees when I was a kid.

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Raj said nothing derogatory.


Please leave my things alone.


Joanne is a farmer.

Margot just got arrested.

I had to make sure Celeste was still planning to come.

I had high hopes for Sharada.

He started to sing.

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You had better give up smoking for your health.

Don't blame this on us.

The dispute affected relations between management and workers.

How much time did it take you to learn Chinese so well?

I just love you so much.

Your answer almost amounts to a threat.

You've had a real hard time the last couple of days.

You're either with us or you're against us.

Jane can't handle this job on his own.


The shopping center is one mile ahead.

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The pupils are bound down by the rules.

He who surrenders hope, surrenders life.

Bob was flattered.


Charles was very low key about the whole thing.

Will was in his bed asleep.

Have you understood this joke?

Should he sign it into law?

Old came to my rescue.

Curtis is finally able to sit up in bed.

I am saving money in order to study abroad.

We've decided not to get divorced.

All you have to do is sit here and wait.

Ginny, you've disappointed me.

They were trying to kill Old.

Kaj gave Shuvra a bottle of wine.

I have heard nothing else from him yet.

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Chet searched every nook and cranny of the house looking for his wallet.

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I thought it might be a good idea for us to get together and talk about it.

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We're going to need them both.

I can't hug Daniel if he doesn't want to be hugged.

You think you're too important to help people.

She would not change her mind.

My mom and I miss my dad.

Why would I be friends with him?

I hate alarm clocks.

With respect to pronunciation, he was the best of all the students.

I had to wait for Ritchey wake up.


Damone broke his right arm.

I can't see her.

The bomb exploded with a blinding flash.

I played here last week.

Don't get up.

You crack me up, Christophe.

You don't even know them.


Aren't you stretched pretty thin already?


We cut away all the grass and weeds around the church.

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Just because you have imposter syndrome doesn't mean you're not a fraud.

That's beyond my strength.

That was significant.