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We should be safe in here.

Pardon me for asking.

Aren't you even going to ask me where I was?

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Could you please give me a quick tour?

Are you gonna pay for it?

I'm not questioning your competence.

She made him happy.

We're going to have to do this again.

I'm getting dressed right after I eat breakfast.

Each chapter in the textbook is followed by about a dozen comprehension questions.


This should be thrown out.

It's not my decision, so we have to accept it.

Both my parents came to see me off at the airport.

I have to do my best.

We hope it rains today.


She awaited her husband with the house so tidy that the flies would have heart attacks.

This desk, which I bought yesterday, is very big.

I am quite satisfied.


It was a miracle.


I can take you to her.

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Don't mention the matter to him.

We like to play in the mud.

The Socialist party will win, I think.


Why don't you have any?


The cheetah is the fastest animal.

Did you hear how she speaks English?

Pablo likes Boston, doesn't he?

I'm tired of standing here waiting.

I think I have everything I need.

This job doesn't pay.

Redheads drive me crazy!

That's an important distinction to make.

It must have been something really big for him to strike a triumphant pose like that.

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He tends to forget his umbrella on the train.

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A stop sign tells motorists to stop before a crosswalk at an intersection.

I asked Raymond not to drive so fast.

They're speaking Irish.

Spy buttoned his coat.

I'm not over it.

I have needs.

Tickets are $30 in advance, or $35 on the day of the show.

Ann sings elegantly.

He yells at people all the time.

The doctor is examining the foot.

We're from Germany.

Our project failed.

We need to put a stop to this now.


It is hard to get along on this small income.

Doesn't Morgan like girls?

He took her by the hand.


Fifty of the machines are running at the present time.


I don't believe what Klaudia told us.

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I listen to the radio while in transit.

I didn't know what Helen had done.

i don't want to miss you

Do you have any idea why someone would want to kill Chip?

You can't stop them.

Many people don't know that antibiotics are ineffective against viral diseases.

You have every right to do that.

I suggest you let Glenn do what he wants to do.

Guy accused Stan of not being honest.


Ronni is being rather difficult.


He's making a lot of money in the stock market.

I'm sorry, but I don't feel like going out today.

A cat was sitting on the chair.


That's what I'm doing.


Take the clothes and go wash them.

It was pretty bad.

Please rinse out your mouth.


Does Vidhyanath often eat lunch at your house?


We should get going.

That's pretty common these days.

Elliot told me he doesn't know Eileen.


Japan is on the 135th meridian East.


Where can I find a pizzeria?

The red dress looked good on her.

Why did you put the chicken in such a difficult place to get when you knew that I wanted to use it right away?


He seldom comes to see me.

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I exerted myself to pass the examination.

Where is the changing room?

The bill was eviscerated before being passed by the legislature.

Ritsuko is something of an authority on the subject.

She had nice teeth. She liked to laugh to show them off.


How can we get the ball away from the dog?

The film is going over big with audiences.

Those roses are very beautiful.

No way!

It hurts to know that everything I say is a lie.

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The criminal is sure to do time for robbing the store.


Shaw is nasty, isn't he?

I have two passes to the game.

Enough! Now you must die.


Things are changing rapidly.

Had she told me the truth in the first place, I wouldn't be angry now.

Juha found a job.

I think it possible for man to live on the moon.

Betty had to go back to the office.


Are you saying that you don't love Loyd?

Don't you think that might be significant?

The house is in need of repair.

You shouldn't eat so much ice cream.

This was a great idea.

Are they still in bed?

Do I have to talk to her?

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The sow is nursing the piglets.


I just don't agree with her.

He is considered missing.

The composer of this work is the same who wrote the Slavonic March.


What do you guys want anyway?

They ate sandwiches for lunch.

I'd never leave her alone.


I just want to be your friend.

She's seventeen.

The box isn't empty.

The infection has spread quickly.

The bus will be here in five minutes.

Earthquakes are common in Japan.

Tell them you don't need it.

Humans are healed, but machines are repaired.

I loved Malcolm so much.

An indecipherable glance passed between them.

After having read for two hours, he feels tired.

Yes, I think that I'm going to stay here if my father will give me the permission.

She is thirty-one.


The student decided to abridge his paper by taking out unnecessary details.


You must strike while the iron is hot.

Roxana doesn't tell stories very well.

It was a pale, wild, haggard face, in a great cloud of black hair, pressed against the glass.

We've met before, haven't we?

Was it William who told you to call the police?

She appears to me to be cruel.

Our time is limited.

Fallen rocks cut off the only access to the village.

You're in good shape.

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He couldn't come because he was ill.

I don't care for green tea.

Can you make Izumi laugh?

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Perhaps Kiki was right about that.

Why did Dickens call this character Master Bates?

Rajesh's flight leaves at 2:30.

He'd be crazy to climb the mountain in winter.

The marigold rises with the sun.

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You are the chosen one.

We all owe her a great deal.

Johann and Avery have a lot in common.


I don't slice their bread.

Dick hasn't practiced the piano at all this week.

How was your weekend?


"Whose needles are these?" "They are Nadya's."

I'll miss everybody.

I'll leave Tokyo tonight.


I really need to be alone right now.

She sacrificed the dearest thing she had.

Rudy enjoys being a celebrity.

Would it be all right if I visited you today?

It's no use thinking about one's lost youth.

These aren't my keys.

We just want to have a few questions answered.