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Tuesday, November 20, 2018 7:07 am

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5303958032DNSCrawler.com Goes Live

It's here! After months of planning and working, the beta release of DNSCrawler.com has arrived. You'll notice that some of our features are incomplete. We should be running full force by the end of October. To find out more about the tools and services we offer, Read more...

DNS Tools

Lookup Whois information for a domain name or IP address.

Perform a traceroute to your domain or IP address.

Enter an IPv4 or IPv6 address or autonomous system number to view information about that system.

(701) 956-0539


Want to offer the tools we have to the users on your site? We offer licensing and automated access subscriptions that give you access to our exclusive tools and permission to redistribute the results to your users or use them for your own administrative purposes. Our licensing options start at very affordable solutions for small businesses and keep going. (818) 475-8543


Coming up with a name for DNSCrawler.com was a challenge; coming up with a logo was even harder. The process involved a lot of searching, a little luck, and some photoshopping. Want to learn more about how the DNSCrawler.com name and logo came to be about? Read more...

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