This is i/o

This is i/o

Describes the process of taking inputs and transforming them into radical new outputs

We are a strategic research and development team with a small “r” and capital “D”

We like big questions with many answers – the goal is to prototype and fail faster to find the best solution

Individual designers, thinkers, hackers, and developers leverag diverse backgrounds in our work

We blend design thinking and machine cognition to build extended intelligence.

Our mission is to re-invent our core tools and processes and re-imagine our services and offerings


The past decade has seen an incredible shift in user expectations when it comes to products and services. Using technology to augment the capabilities and intelligence of spaces can allow for them to function as more unique, more effective, and more customized interfaces to allow users to engage in meaningful and delightful activities.

What is artificial intelligence and why is everyone talking about it? AI covers a wide variety of domains from cognitive science to statistics and programming, but a very simple definition would be teaching computers to imitate (and eventually replicate) human intelligence. Extended Intelligence by contrast is human and artificial intelligence working in concert to solve problems.

The 5 extended intelligences represent the domains of the insight i/o group. Each domain is a field of applications, tools and products which serve to improve our internal operations and business functions and target new opportunities to transform our services for our clients. Outputs from various tools become inputs for others across domains creating an “extended intelligence network.”

What does a data-centric approach to insights look like? In elementary school we learn the traditional scientific method. In the world of big data however, there is a total transformation in the fundamental approaches to research and analysis.

“Transform big data into big understanding.”
Saul Wurman
Architect + TED Conference Founder