cbnine are unique in our field - we can provide a solution for any business from a small start-up using microsoft office, to a multi-site organisation with high performance graphics requirements


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Welcome to cbnine; a leading private cloud provider helping UK SME companies virtualise their entire business through a range of unique, remote access, cloud based systems.

Cloud System

The way we work with our computers is changing, and as the cloud has moved into our daily lives as useful online storage, at cbnine we have developed a range of high performance services that can take your entire business systems online.

Remotely accessible, fully backed up, and highly secure, our systems are designed for businesses from small, Microsoft Office based start-ups, to multi site companies using the most demanding graphic and 3D virtual reality applications.

Our unique range of cloud based business systems include;
  • Simple Office and Windows based systems
  • GPU accelerated virtual CAD and BIM desktops
  • 3D enabled construction and architecture packages
  • Remote access via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Exceptional IT support service
  • Firewall, anti-virus and back up services

We understand that every business is different, so tailor a package to your precise needs providing complete support before, during and after your changeover to a virtual business system. Offering automatic upgrades to software, exceptional data security, recovery systems, real time updating for remote collaborative working and remote access from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, our private clouds are about much more than storage.

What We Do:
  • Cloud based CAD drawing packages
  • Scalable cloud solutions
  • IT support
  • Cutting edge cloud technology
  • At the forefront of high end virtualised
  • Private cloud infrastructure for education
  • Cloud based BIM
  • SME private cloud infrastructure
  • 3D graphics
  • Cloud based 3D rendering
  • Specialists in cloud based high performance infrastructure for engineering and construction sector
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