Provides a HotSpot utilizing the existing IP infrastructure (ADSL, FTTH, Cable ..etc) or the hotspot can work on a 3G/4G network. Hotspot comes integrated with all the necessary backend including a AAA server and an analytics backend. The Hotspot landing page which can be customized for individual customer and can be udpated on the fly. Hotspot features include: customizable SSID, splash page, redirection to customer branded page, multiple walled garden sites.


Once the router is powered:

  • Select easyconnect(TM) wifi SSID or customized SSID.
  • Wait for the landing page
  • Enter the authentication credentials
  • Access the internet
  • If the user doesn't want to be authenticated, user is allowed to browse pre-configured walled garden sites.


Monitor and manage users and usage: Upload/Download, number of devices, ..etc
Determine the usage pattern, peak demand, device profiles and location from where the users are loggin in.
Manage customization of splash page, login page, landing pages and walled garden sites.

The redirection can also be timed, where the users are re-directed to multiple landing pages.


EasyConnect (TM) hotspot can easily be configured to be an IoT gateway. Added with an BLE transreceiver, EasyConnect (TM) provides a promity service and coupled with the backend analytics engine, a powerful IoT platform is available.


Anthea Consultancy started its journey in the UK way back in the summer 2010. To being with Anthea Consultancy primarily focus has always been in area of Embedded Systems, Systems Integration and Embedded Media player implementations. Since focus has been primarily on development of embedded systems, Anthea Consultancy has diversified to develop their own products to and providing consultancy on Gamification and Wearable technologies and Analytics.



Anthea Consultancy also provide standard outsourcing and off shore development services. These development services is categorized as Embedded systems development, Systems Integration, development of media player on platforms such as Android.

Embedded Systems

Our expertise to name a few include providing developmental support for RTOSes such as VxWorks, FreeRTOS and also on bare metal micro controllers. We have provided devops support for SoC platforms such BCM7405 and PPC-405 whilst development of Android media players on SOC such as Amlogic S802 and S806.

Systems Integration

Anthea consultancy also have significant expertise in improving complex platforms involving PHP and MySQL database, such as Gamification platforms. We also have the expertise in integrating analytics platforms like MixPanel(TM) and Piwik into existing products.

Embedded Media Player

Anthea Consultancy have implemented DRM support for media players on Android platform utilizing both the application and the systems layer.


As analytics is playing a pivot role in almost all areas, Anthea Consultancy is in prime position to provide integration to your analytics needs using platforms such as MixPanel or Piwik.