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"We provide collaborative IT support and
consulting services to IT departments and
small to mid-size businesses with limited to no IT staffing."

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We help small businesses adopt new technologies and run more efficiently. Our goal is to provide the best server and desktop care in Colorado thus establish Net IT, Consulting LLC as a conscientious leader in the Infomation Technology industry.

As your business grows, so grows the data crucial to your daily operations. Using, organizing, tracking, and updating that data is part of the daily grind. Today's increasingly connected business can find a plethora of computerized tools oriented for these tasks. Communications such as phone/fax, printing, Local area, wide area and usually internet network systems of some variety are needed. With these come the configuration, setup and finally test/verification. Updates to hardware, firmware, software, not only for your work applications, but also the operating system(s) that support them. Scheduled backups, with storage on and off site for that "must not be lost" data. Clearly all/many of these necessary IT functions have nothing to do with the "daily grind", but will chew you up if you ignore it. Options are also clear: do IT internally, attempting to keeping "up to date enough" on internal tooling, or as would be the course of wisdom, get a Managed Service Provider.

Our Mission

Net IT’s mission is to provide collaborative information technology support and consulting with the utmost integrity and concierge level of service. Net IT Consulting, LLC provides small to medium businesses with a comprehensive, reliable managed IT solution, acting as a trusted partner to optimize how IT works for the company and protect its critical data so they can focus on their core business.

We network to survive. We network, thus we thrive.