Jennifer thinks I stole the money.

Idle hands are the Internet's workshop.


It's impossible to find parking around here.


Judging from what you say, he may succeed.

Today, I'm finally going to tell Trey what I really think of him.

Kuldip is special, isn't he?


I'll eat my hat if she turns up on time.

Who was Queen Elizabeth?

I know you're busy, too.

Franklin seems to be having fun.

I think it's time we gave Roderick a raise.


She went through a long and arduous vocational course.

He's out for a walk.

Max and Oleg danced all evening.

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I only have six months to live.

Did Aimee ask us to wait?

This wine is pleasing to the palate.

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In fact, this program is pretty interesting.

The concealment of facts by a witness is a criminal offense.

Hy is going to be with Bobby.

I'll give him your message when he comes.

I'm pretty sure Naoto did what we asked him to do.


Mrs. Smith asked me to go to the city.

It worked out great.

There was a shortage of fuel.

The cancer needed to be removed immediately.

After flying above the safe zone, the airplane went into unidentified air space.

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I miss her so much.


You look better today.

I knew that was them.

It looks like we're going to have a white Christmas this year.

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Everything was going great.

I appreciate all you've done for me.

I advise you to listen to them.


Your eyes were full of sadness.

It goes without saying that time is money.

Long hair is such a bother.


I don't know whether to turn left or right.

Do you think you can fix that?

If you want happiness for a lifetime, help someone else.

Kenneth can't give you an answer now.

Heidi went straight home after work.

Herb became a soldier.

My mom married my dad in the eighties.

We should go talk to him.

Most of the policemen lost their jobs.

The court sentenced him to 18 years of labor, with no possibility of early release.

His blue eyes were clear and bright.


I love Italian food.

Evelyn doesn't like this color.

Did you see what password I entered?


A dog bit her on the leg.


If I were to tell you all I know, you would be amazed.

She has this big room all to herself.

No, I won't say anything.


It's a minute to three o'clock.

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I've seen him.

He can go out on condition he comes home by five.

Today was the first time I ever saw Wes smile.

No wonder you're worried.

I recommend the public transport be improved.

She makes me happy.

I feel like crying out loud as if I were a little girl.

Brain surgery is very complex.

The auto was in the middle of the road.

She was dismayed at the news.

They can burn more easily.

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Bill often fails to keep his word.

A new student came into the class.

I'll go get it.

What he's doing is driving me mad.

They missed him.

Chris didn't have a car to drive.

Rebecca said he'll get it done before Monday.

He's Ukrainian.

Juri peeled the potatoes.


I wonder why Pam wasn't there.


Suzan found an orphaned baby squirrel.


What should've happened?

None but the brave deserve the fair.

The weather has been nice all week; it is high time we went on a hike.


I've been in Boston since 2013.


So, Betty, have you decided on your dream home yet?

Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.

What did you do for Father's day?

I travel frequently.

Don't make me go.

Even though it was raining, they went on their outing.

She thought carefully before selecting the works she would place in the portfolio that she was submitting with her application to art school.

He has the potential to become world champion.

Sridharan told me that something was wrong.


Everyone is watching now.

They all died.

I can't see the stage from this seat.

A man's vanity is his tenderest spot.

You need to help me find them.

I am sorry to all of you for being late.

He is not such a fool as to believe that story.

I love this idea.

I've already got a buyer lined up.

Hair and nous don't fit in one head.

Seymour was the reason Margot moved to Boston.

Get ready in advance.

I think this is a great system.

Don't kid about that.

She stayed here by herself.

I wish Nigel would just stay away.

He sat down to recover from his agitation.

I just want this to be over.

Jarvis nodded his head almost imperceptibly.

I've lost my fountain pen. I have to buy one tomorrow.

Make sure Morton knows what's happened.

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Hotta and Dwayne don't live in the same house.


An English language students' magazine has invited readers to submit an article on the theme of culture shock.


Basketball is a team sport.

Fritz was extremely mad at Spudboy.

I want you to be nice to us.

I've still got paperwork to do.

Cristi needs to buy a gift for Kathleen.

Konrad glanced at Juan out of the corner of his eye.

We need to think big.

We yelled at her to be careful.

We were at school together.

We have to drive the enemy out of our land.

I sing now.

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Even if pigs were to fly in the air, I would believe her.


He wants to get a new dictionary.

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The condition looks favourable.

Hillel's parents aren't living anymore.

Wait for the bread to completely cool down before eating it.

Joon has a picture of his family on his desk.

I need my sleep.


You didn't tell anyone else, did you?


Dance like no one is watching.


We're dealing with that problem.

I'll call back later.

I can read French, but I can't speak it.

They didn't email me today.

Do the results have any practical application?


Lou put his glass down.

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I let the opportunity pass.

Sonja couldn't have made this by himself.

We've made some changes.

It was thought that seaweed and plants were similar, but today they correspond to two different kingdoms.

Nothing happened after all.

I don't know why no one saw Ravindran.

I don't know why you're making such a fuss over this.

It's been an amazing year.

I've been waiting up.


When you speak of the Devil, you can hear the rattling of his bones.

When John, who was in prison, heard about Christ's deeds, he sent two of his disciples to ask him "Are you the one who is to come, or should we expect another?"

I don't like him at all.


Dan had another plan in mind.


I quoted some famous phrases in my book.

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Hon is always candid.

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Do you have a shekel?

This coffee is cold.

He appeared from nowhere.

To Brian's surprise, his debt amounted to a considerable sum.

I need a hammer to repair the table.