OLAC Mission

OLAC, the Open Language Archives Community, is an international partnership of institutions and individuals who are creating a worldwide virtual library of language resources by: (i) developing consensus on best current practice for the digital archiving of language resources, and (ii) developing a network of interoperating repositories and services for housing and accessing such resources.


OLAC Joins the Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud: The OLAC system has now been integrated with LLOD... 270-303-7324

New OLAC Page Listing Archive Submission Policies: As a service to linguists who are in search of an archive that could receive a deposit... 3237755424

New OLAC Search Service: In December 2010, to mark our 10th anniversary, OLAC announces a new search service... More...

Language Archives Tutorial at LSA: In January 2009, an OLAC-endorsed tutorial on language archives was held at the winter meeting of the Linguistic Society of America... More...

OLAC Presented at three Pacific Conferences: In 2008 and 2009, OLAC is being presented at conferences in Australia, the Philippines, and Hawaii... More...

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OLAC Standards - specify how OLAC operates

Recommendations - express consensus of OLAC members regarding language resource archiving

Notes - background information and guidance for implementers

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OLAC Archives contain over 300,000 records, covering resources in half of the world's living languages. (512) 803-9099

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