I told Angela how proud I was of her.

It has already happened.

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Simon lied about her age.


I didn't go to a lot of movies in 2016.

He made the company what it is today.

Our college is far from the station.


There is not a grain of truth in his story.


A house without women is lonely.

Welcome to my home.

Those's eyes are powerful.


I told them the bank was closed.

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Do you want your children to learn your language at school?

I'm not good at thinking logically.

Do we really want to do that?

I'm all alone now.

The king overturned the death sentence of a woman condemned for driving.

This cloth absorbs water well.

Never give up. Never surrender.

He likes the extreme cold of Alaska.

I spoke to Mick just this morning.


There's nothing out of the ordinary.

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The hat fits her perfectly.

He is twice as old as me.

Did Po break your heart?

I want to buy an automobile.

I saw you talking on the phone.

You managed it after all.

I want to go to Tehran.

Where exactly did you see Conrad?

The new contract enables us to demand whatever we want.

I was fine.

What was William's problem with Stephe?

Why is Andrew acting so childish?

Page was leaning against the church wall.

Most people did what you did.

What have you done to your ear?

I didn't say much.

Pedophilia is a crime.

The indigenous population took up arms against the settlers.

I'd like to buy some stickers.

Why not give us a chance?

I'll see you tomorrow morning.

Have you had a thorough medical checkup within the last year?

The rain changed into snow.

The eyes say more than thousand words.

Why not come and have supper with us tonight?

Your battery is low.

What are you doing out here?


During the interrogation he admitted his guilt.


Tell me your name.

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Would you like to meet Meehan?

We were supposed to be here two weeks ago.

Can you help me learn Esperanto?

He would often sit for hours without saying a word.

Why were you up so late last night?


The dog walked across the street.


One of the aircraft's engines cut out.

I'm going to meet you there.

Emily sowed his field with barley.

Maybe you shouldn't quit.

Willie can't help wondering why Elwood changed her mind.

She dislocated her shoulder.

I baked a cake for her.

We're sorry, too.

The financial prospects are excellent.

May I return the car instead?

Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously.

How will they cope?

This article is more interesting as compared to the previous one.

I had my suspicions.

The reduced price of luxury goods is just window dressing to make the new consumption tax look better.


A taxi drew up at the main gate.


She laughed up her sleeve at his failure.

Mats had slept for only three hours.

I like Case a lot, you know.

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Running as fast as I could, I was able to catch up with my friend.

What the fuck did you write?

My resolution was shaken when I heard about it.

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Unfortunately, increasing the number of traffic signals at intersections didn't help decrease the number of traffic accidents.


Is context really necessary to understand the subjunctive?

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That man is unworthy of you.

Mongo considered his options for a moment.

They became close friends.


You're right, I think.

The Secretary General is making a last-ditch effort to negotiate a peace treaty between the two warring factions.

I asked her to watch my things.

I cannot say how far his story is true.

Do you have anything else to tell us?

Patrice is having lunch now.

Guess how much it cost me.

Let's play, little bro!

I told Piercarlo about my past.


The letter returned.

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The story is set in Neuilly-on-the-Seine, a French town not far from Paris.

Courtney just sent me an email.

This is an extremely well run company.


All students are admitted free.


Rick has a chip on his shoulder.

We'll try to do that.

A great loss of human life was reported due to trigger-happy shooting.

This shop carries men's clothing.

He has been ill for the past few days.

Do I need any more crazy people?

Have you gone mad?


Herman is a good baseball player, isn't he?

I had an accident at work.

My battery is almost dead.

I am so busy that I have no time to spare.

A Mr. Kimura is calling you.


This expression has really caught my fancy, as a type of English metaphorical expression not in Japanese.

That's why dogs love you.

My physician advised me to refrain from alcohol for the time being.

Rafael keeps his age a secret.

Tell me what you gave Ann.


Health is an important factor of happiness.


You're only young once.

I doubt if Presley is single.

Naomi thought Raul's idea was a good one.

She flipped out at hearing the news.

I'm tired of studying. Let's go out for a drink.

Does Knute like French?

Few passengers survived the catastrophe.


I'd like you to consider joining our club.

When did your friend leave for America?

What was your mission?


On my way home from school, I was caught in a shower and got wet to the skin.


I was in the library.

There's no need for concern.

English is spoken almost everywhere.


Tell us what happened that night.

It'll be fine tomorrow.

I cannot slaughter a bull by myself. I need two people to help me.

Christie helped Jingbai.

I have a better idea.

The puppy looked at her with very sad eyes.

He likes swimming in the summer.

Congress finally approved Wilson's proposals.

That would be all right.

I don't like seeing Alberto sad.

Lynn has never told me how he met Eva.

Socorrito doesn't necessarily have to go there by himself.

I'm not saying that your answers are always wrong.

That's enough for the time being.

There were a fair number of people in the hall.

Your mother must have been beautiful when she was young.

I want to play a game where a noble, female, knight with the nickname of light-speed freely manipulates gravity.

I'll get back to you in a moment.

I got sick last week.

We had lived there for ten years when the war broke out.

He's a very romantic boyfriend who brings me flowers each night.

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Please help me take this lid off.

Education does not consist simply in learning a lot of facts.

He calls me often.


I was a little upset.

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You bet I'm going.

Where there's harmony, there's order.

I think you'd better go and visit him.


I used to love swimming when I was a kid.

He came to school after a long absence.

You'll want to see this.


Please sign your name here.

At most 10 people can sit round the table.

I hate his talking big on every occasion.