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Sampling must be performed in a manner that guarantees random selection.

It will be dark soon.

The misfortune of the ants makes the elephants laugh.


I'm an alcoholic.

I'm twenty three years old.

Jennie knows how to make candy.

The event happened long ago.

Why is your French pronunciation so good?


Lynn came in first place.

The work was very difficult.

You don't believe them, do you?

This is a person.

I want to see him.


Singing merrily, they started for home.

I like a good cup of coffee.

Generally speaking, history repeats itself.

What else did Kari say he needed?

Roland can't give you an answer now.


My brother-in-law is a cop.

The guys are playing basketball.

Introducing foreign plants, such as palm trees can damage ecosystems.

I could do that now if you want me to.

Remorse is not synonymous with regret.

Juergen's smiling face let everyone know that she was happy.

That's it. I'm not lending you any more money.

I saw Raanan and Oleg last weekend.

I'd like to see Mr Kosugi.

It looks like a shopping bag.

Heather is very self-disciplined, isn't he?

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He is clearly insane.

I'm very particular about my hair.

I'll pick up Boyce in an hour.

I needed help.

A drunk TV presenter vomited during a live broadcast.

Here's what you asked for.

She's a hopeless case.

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She was on the point of laughing at the clown's actions.

I just want to hear your reasons.

I didn't realize we were late.

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I don't have a picture of Martha.

I'm playing with my son.

Don't know.

Jesse did that three months ago.

The rain forecast for yesterday didn't eventuate.


The hospital is next to the school.

Kevyn doesn't think Shankar is cut out to be a teacher.

He heard Sekar.


I didn't mean to trouble you, I wanted to help you.

The audience was deeply affected.

You washed the dishes.

This material stretches easily.

It was really special.

Open your books.

We can speak here without problems.

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Clarissa is always very polite.

Let's hurry up.

Gretchen knows he hears something.

They soon adjusted themselves to the new circumstances.

Sickness kept me from attending the party.

People around here don't have many opportunities to swim.

Gigi seemed nervous.

Kyu is famished.

We really have to be on our way.

You didn't pass the test?

We'll try this later.

Place the boxes one above the other, please.

Having, as you know, sleep problems, I woke up 3 times last night. So, this morning I was very sleepy.


My letter made Susie angry.

No one cared about you.

Rajarshi was stupid enough to believe what Shutoku said.

She's making money hand over fist with the business she started.

I happen to be a pretty good judge of character.

We reasoned with Dale until he changed his mind.

Merril isn't the same age as Pete.

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My life is in danger.


Ben hanged himself in jail.

The grass in the park is green and beautiful.

We go way back.

I want to live in Australia.

It seems that you don't like Shai either.


Cyrus has lost quite a lot of weight recently.

I wonder who.

Since I didn't receive a reply, I wrote to her again.

It was right where Spass said it would be.

The well has run dry.

Everyone is staring at Debbie.

My parents want grandchildren.

I read a lot.

When do you go to work?

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My teacher recommended that dictionary.


I'll miss you so much.


In a rocket engine, fuel and a source of oxygen, called an oxidizer, are mixed and exploded in a combustion chamber. The combustion produces hot exhaust which is passed through a nozzle to accelerate the flow and produce thrust.

Japan, for the most part, is a lovely place to live.

Some people bring joy wherever they go, and some people bring joy whenever they go.

He is too dumb to fear danger.

Something like this could ruin your career.

How long do horses live?

Arne is quite aggressive, isn't he?

Why don't you start?

Let's go by bus to see more of the city.


She invited me to the ballet.

I approve your project.

Did you break anything down there?

Ravindranath is brushing her hair.

It will take a while to go away.

Mosur is calmer now.

Her heart broke when her husband died.

In the future, nobody will drive cars.

I would have somebody sweep this room clean.


Margie slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road.

I'm only joking.

Nou translated the book from French into English.

Kenneth asked Craig to go to the opera with him.

Do you understand what you're saying?

Why would I want your watch?

The prince and the princess fell instantly in love.

Screw it in tight.

A complete intransitive verb takes neither complement nor object.


He learned Latin in school.

He's not lazy. On the contrary, I think he's a hard worker.

Are you absolutely certain we're safe?

Nothing disturbs her.

I suppose you've got a point.


Ole doesn't approve of that kind of language.

This, appearing at first glance to be perfectly obvious, is actually very difficult.

How's everybody doing?

Skeeter is untalented.

This is what we want from now on.

Would you please speak to them?

Alf was in a good mood.

We're twins.

They say he is diligent.


That chef prepares different meals every day.

Would you like a shot of tequila?

You didn't give us much choice.

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You should bring her to dinner so we can get to know her better.

These cars were imported from Germany.

He occasionally reads detective novels.

Al wouldn't stop badgering me.

I don't ever want to be as irritating as Dominic seems to be.


Picasso is an eminent painter.

No one can move the big box.

This problem, however, should be considered more carefully.


He flew a kite with his son.


We're still young.

You'll have to try the store across the street.

Gerard lied about what he'd been doing.


I've got something here I think you should see.

You help me with the translation.

Employees are prohibited from watching the Olympics.


Today I had to fart.


That's not going to work, is it?

The summit conference was held for world peace.

Why do you want to buy this book?

This bowl of soup will be enough.

Jayesh should probably spend more time with Stanly.

I'm taking you to school.

What a fool I've been!

Why were they here?

In my language, the "," is called comma, the ";" is called semicolon, ":" is called colon, "..." are called ellipsis, and this sentence ends with a period.


I didn't think I'd get there in time.

I won't forget you.

Jim frightened Duane.

Doyle beat Miltos at checkers.

He likes Donne.

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Today is not your lucky day.

He hired a private detective.

Stephan needed work.